Friday, September 4, 2009

Summer Vacation: Round One-Mexico

We have been saving and waiting all summer to go on a 2.5 week vacation from Oregon to Texas, then Skye and I to Mexico, and then towards the end to Idaho, finally ending up back in Oregon. Skye flew in on a friday night about 10 PM from LA where he had been doing a focus group for his masters thesis and he got home loaded the car and got a nap before we headed back to PDX at 3 AM the next morning, Saturday August 8 to catch a 6 AM flight to Dallas. The funny thing about this back-breaking trip we are about to highlight is that of the three legs of the trip they all had us traveling through Denver Airport, so we had 6 flights either in or out of that blasted place in two weeks time. It was crazy...

Here was one of the many transport methods derived, you should have seen some of the other options, had our camera not broken; the trip home had some record setting poses. We looked like a caravan walking through the airport. It was hilarious, yet exhausting...
God Bless Mexico, we had never been to the Riviera Maya before, so we flew in from Dallas to Cancun and traveled an hour south to Puerto Aventuras and this was the view from our sixth story room. The swine flu might have really affected some, and for that I am sad, but it allowed us to go on a two-year delayed Mexican honeymoon and it was AWESOME!

Just a bit nicer than our house, but them doing all the housekeeping makes all the difference
The catamaran was fun
Ocean kayaking at 8 AM, before it was 100 degrees
Snorkeling and swimming in the caves and caverns was great. The funny thing was that the water felt like ice and it was 72 degrees I believe. It was amazing how much the shade cooled things down and how clear it was.
Our trip to Tulum to see the ruins and bargain a bit was a lot of fun. Skye was perched up against a tree trying to get some shade and he noticed a tour guide with a BYU hat walking by so he grabbed him and we got a nice little VIP tour telling us all about the ruins in connection with the gospel; it was a really neat experience for both of us because we agreed that our faith isn't built on these facts, but adding fun facts to our existing faith is good to do.
We took an afternoon/evening trip into Playa del Carmen, where we partied hard...Actually we hit a lot of must's up in Playa. Becca got to bargain for her first time and she was really good at it. I think the guy started out at around 100 american dollars for this awesome dish she wanted and when she was done we bought two for 50 american dollars and gave one to her parents for watching our dudes for the week. She also got to experience her first authentic Mexican street car-style taqueria and it was excellent. Finally, I had to take her to a little bar, not your typical Senor Frogs where Americans are getting plastered, but to a smaller one and the Mariachi serenade was fun too. It was a special night.
Our last full day in Mexico, we decided to go to Cozumel which is an island about an hour from Playa del Carmen. We rented a moped and rode it around the island. For me (Skye), this was the funnest part of the vacation. No people, real beaches, aqua blue water, blistering sun, oh ya and did I mention NO PEOPLE. It was great, in fact, once we made it about 90 percent of the way around the island we decided to turn around and go back the other way to make it two laps, instead of one.
This was about 12 hours before it was time to go home...we were tan (Skye-sunburned), rested up (anybody with young kids knows what I mean-5 full nights sleep in a row-some kind of record), missing our boys (6 days was a long time), and broke (it was a good thing we were headed back to the family's house to eat their food and stay rent free because our two week vacation money was gone after week one)...but I can promise that this week was just what mom and dad needed to help us tackle work, school, thesis, church callings, parenthood and life for another year.


  1. I'm so jealous! What a fun trip! Good for you guys!

  2. Becca, it looks like you had so much fun!! I'm so glad I got to see you when you were here. Ashley and I keep talking about how your boys are the cutest!

  3. Wow! Looks like so much fun. Clark and I still need to take a honeymoon - it looks like you all had a blast :)