Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Little Update...

I have a lot of blog updating to do with vacations this summer, but all of the pictures I want to put up are on Skye's computer and he's not been away from it too often lately. And, while we were on vacation, we dropped our camera in the ocean and broke it. Now I don't have a camera to take the many pictures I like to take. So, I took some pictures on my phone and will get the other pictures up later. And hopefully we'll get a new camera soon.

As for the update on the boys...

Two nights ago, I was bathing Brandon and Bryce when Bryce pointed to the toilet and I pointed to his little potty and asked if he wanted to go potty. He again pointed to the big toilet and "told me" he wanted that one. I picked him up out of the bath and put him on the toilet (for the first time ever) and he totally went. This was a COMPLETE shock. I yelled for Skye and granny to come in and we all cheered for him, haha! I had no idea he was ready for potty training. Bryce is 19 months on Saturday. We'll see if it was just a fluke, but I have put him on the toilet twice since and he has gone both times.

Brandon is growing like crazy (I'm going to have giant boys-they are eaters!). We call him our angel baby because he is soooo sweet and sensitive and happy. When Bryce make sudden noises or is just being loud (which is quite often), Brandon will pucker his lip and start to cry. You just have to tell him, "it's okay" and he'll be fine, but it's really cute. We love to make Brandon laugh. He is so ticklish and our favorite is to kiss him under his chin and on his neck because he will start laughing really hard. We've started feeding Brandon rice cereal and have fed him some sweet potatoes baby food and he's doing pretty well. The first time I gave him some cereal he just pushed it right out of his mouth with his tongue, so I only gave him a few spoonfuls. Bryce was right with me and he grabbed the bowl of cereal, decided it was yummy, and proceeded to eat every bite...... showing his brother just how it's done.

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