Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Work Hard-Eat Hard-Play Hard

Hanging out at the temple after Rachels successful job interview...good job!

Dad teaching Bryce to smell flowers, when in reality he would rather eat them.
Heaven knows we couldn't do any gardening without Grandma's management and oversight!
The final project, now the work of keeping it all alive and growing begins.
Boy the sand sure tastes a little gritty
I think I might throw up...
The plug now saves me from my own self destruction

Playing football on the beach...even if it is the freezing cold Oregon beach
Bryce hanging out with Uncle Tyson, they are buddies for sure...


  1. Becca,
    Is the house you're living in yours now? I can't remember if you are going down to Texas or what? Good luck with the upcoming baby. I know it could be anytime now.

  2. GAHHHHH!!! I miss you so much. :( And Skye, and Granny pannies, and Bryce, and Justin...ahhh I LOVE the pictures Becca!! We WILL be neighbors one day!! I HAVE to live by you!! I LOVE YOU BECCA BOO!