Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Work Hard-Eat Hard-Play Hard

Hanging out at the temple after Rachels successful job interview...good job!

Dad teaching Bryce to smell flowers, when in reality he would rather eat them.
Heaven knows we couldn't do any gardening without Grandma's management and oversight!
The final project, now the work of keeping it all alive and growing begins.
Boy the sand sure tastes a little gritty
I think I might throw up...
The plug now saves me from my own self destruction

Playing football on the beach...even if it is the freezing cold Oregon beach
Bryce hanging out with Uncle Tyson, they are buddies for sure...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We had a yummy pancake breakfast (thanks grandma!) before watching conference together.
Bryce was quite the entertainer during conference
simple pleasures...
with Aunt Shery
and Uncle Jeff

Wicked Weekend

We went to the broadway show Wicked in Portland a couple of weekends ago and loved it! The performers were so talented and did a great job. We had tons of fun being together with family (we missed Shelby, though). After the show, we walked to a restaurant that I thought was a burger joint only a few blocks away... After many, many blocks of walking...
we got there! It ended up being a fancy shmancy steak and seafood restaurant. Oops! But that didn't stop us for long. Once we got over the shock of the prices being quite higher than a burger place, we chowed down :)

Bryce was so happy to see everyone when we got home and especially had fun with his cool cousin Kelsey.