Sunday, March 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

Some more pictures of when mom and dad came out in February...
HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!We started the day by going to OSU to check out where Skye's going to grad schoolBryce sitting at daddy's deskand checking out the Beavers posterAfter touring campus we went over to the Oregon coast. It was really cold, but it was a beautiful day!Yaquina Head lighthousein Newport We went out to eat at Tidal Raves restaurant in Depoe Bay and this is our window overlooking the ocean...beautiful!

We had an awesome weekend. It was so much fun to see Bryce warm up to his grandparents and interact with them, since they're so far away.


  1. Im obsessed with this little boy!!!! YAYYY So glad you updated it!!!!! I can't wait to see yall in AUGUST!! info by the way...ill call you

  2. Hey! I am so glad I found your blog! 3 things:
    1. Bryce is adorable!
    2. I am so sorry that I never returned those shirts to you! You could have used them again, which brings me to number 3
    3. Congratulations on baby boy #2! How exciting.
    4. Are you guys living in Oregon currently? We are in Portland (801-722-4110) if you're close by.
    5. Is Skye really going to go to OSU? How can he reject his inner duck that way?? j/k

    -Marissa Smith