Thursday, February 5, 2009


Bryce turned one today and, of course, we reminisced of one year ago when he was born...

Our very first family picture

Taking Bryce home from the hopsital
He has grown so much and is already turning into a little boy, instead of staying a teeny, tiny baby...
Thanks for all of the birthday wishes for Bryce! I gave hugs and kisses to him from all. We're going to have a little birthday party for him next week when Grandma and Grandpa Rogers come to Oregon (woo-hoo!), but Bryce got to open his gifts from Grandma and Grandpa Root. He loves his new tractors :)

Playing with his new toys

Like father, like son, happy with his tractors and a football jersey!


  1. Bryce is so dang cute!!! I wish we were closer to you guys!!

  2. He is getting so big and so CUTE!!! I miss you guys =[ Give him some hugs and kisses for us!!! Love You!

  3. Oh My gosh Becca! First, I can't believe your little baby is one! Next I had no idea you were pregnant fun...they are so close in age!!! WOW! Congrats!

  4. Hi Becca! I found your blog from Becca Foust's blog!! Bryce is adorable and congrats on the second baby! I hope you are feeling great!