Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Our little baby is walking!

It all started when Santa brought him this...

Then, he took his first few steps...

And now, he's a walking machine!

Boys, boys, boys

Baby boy number two is on his way... I am now 6 months along and due April 28th. We are so excited to have another boy in the family. Bryce is so much fun and he always has us smiling and laughing. I love the idea of being surrounded by my boys, but I can already tell that these boys (Skye included...haha) are going to be a handful. Bryce LOVES his dad and expects to be wrestled, thrown, tickled , or engaged in any high energy activity when dad's around. I just keep reminding Skye that we're going to have a little newborn baby in a few months and Bryce has to learn to be gentle.........we'll see. I have a feeling that Bryce will be hanging out with dad a lot when I am settling in with our new baby.