Thursday, November 19, 2009

The new wagon

When Skye and Bryce came home from hunting in Burns a couple of weekends ago, they brought back a wagon that Sayge and Shaylee have "grown out of" and we have had so much fun with it already! Bryce is obsessed with it and wants to go on a "walk" every night when I get home.
This was the night Skye and Bryce got home from Burns and we decided to test out our new wagon...

Bryce also is obsessed with taking off his brother's hat.
And the next night (please disregard their varied holiday/mismatch pj's, haha)...
And another walk... Thank you Grandma and Grandpa (and Sayge and Shaylee) for the fun wagon!!!

Our sweet Brandon boy

Brandon is such a joy to have in our family! He is such a good natured baby and always smiley. Bryce can really make Brandon laugh hard and it's really cute to see Brandon watching Bryce's every move already. Brandon has just started to get on all fours and rock, so we'll see if he starts to crawl soon. He makes the "da da da" (his first) and "ma ma ma" sounds, which is nice because Bryce was stuck on the "da da da" baby talk and it took him a while to start saying "mama", haha! He has two little teeth on the bottom and likes to use them :) We love our little Brandon boy!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Lunch with Grandad Phil!

I had an audit job in St. Helens, OR and Grandad Phil made the 2+ hour trip to meet me for lunch! We went to a local place right on the Columbia River and had a yummy lunch and dessert. Thanks for making the drive! LOVE YOU!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween Night

Our little dinosaur... and glow worm... We went to the Halloween carnival at the church :)
It didn't take long for Bryce to lose the costume...and sabotage the cakewalk.
Bryce with his friend, Giana

Some nursery buddies...
Then, we went to the trunk-or-treat ouside after the carnival. Bryce really liked the smarties and suckers, but more to play with than eat. He loves opening things. Although, he bit off the top of a little sucker and Skye about died because he was worried about choking, so that was the last sucker for a while. Shelby, from our ward, took Brandon around.Skye walked with Bryce and I passed out candy. Then, we switched :)

Fun night!

Friday, November 6, 2009


Halloween was a fun day. We carved pumkins with the boys! Bryce loved scooping the pumpkin guts out of the pumpkin and into his bowl and then back into the pumpkin. Brandon played with the pumpkin top, while we scooped and carved. He liked the squishy feel of the underside and tried to eat it.
I would carefully scoop the seeds and pumpkin strings into the bowl and Bryce would so nicely spoon it right back into the pumpkin, haha!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall Pics

I wanted to take some pictures of the boys with all of our leaves in the front yard, but Bryce didn't want to sit still, except...
to try and feed his brother a leaf...
...and to stare at daddy...
who was working hard on the yard :)
Then, Bryce was off and my attempt at taking photos of the boys became a Brandon photo shoot.
He is such a fun, happy baby and is sitting up really well now.
I love the tongue phase...
Brandon all worn out from the picture taking session.
Then, Bryce and I decided to harvest the rest of the garden, so daddy could clean it up for the year. We have LOVED our garden and have learned things, like planting jalapenos might not be the greatest idea while having a little boy who likes to pick food and taste test. This picture is of Bryce telling me "hot" (trust me, he knows).
Bryce doing what he loves best....dumping anything from one container to another!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Clint and Cassie's Wedding

We went on a 24-hour roadtrip to Baker, OR to see Clint and Cassie get married and then headed back home right after the wedding. The roadtrip turned into quite the bonding experience with our friends Ty and Heather. We took Bryce with us and grandma offered to keep Brandon home with her for the day, since he wasn't feeling well. Well. we got a couple hours into our trip when we realized Bryce was really sick, too. He threw up everything he possibly had in him...and we had to stop probably three time to change his outfit and clean up at different gas stations...or on the side of the road...poor baby :(

Ty and Heather being the bestest friends ever (never complaining) as we are stopped once again cleaning up throw!

Skye was such a good daddy walking around with our sickling and making sure he was finished throwing up for that round before we put him back in the car (Skye did not think this was a picture-taking moment, haha!)

Luckily Heather bought some car spray after our first episode. It sure came in handy :)

But, we made it to the wedding and we were ON TIME!!! And it was so worth it.
Vicki and Skye
Bryce sacked out shortly after we got there.
Clint, Troy, Ty, Clint, Skye
Clint always has the best stories and inevitably they will involve at least one bar fight... Clint and Heather ;) Ty and Heather
The happy new couple....Clint and Cassie