Friday, July 19, 2013

June 2013

  • We found out we will be having a baby girl, Makenna Maureen Root, due October 28th!
  • Skye took CFA Level 3 Exam, broke his hand on high adventure (but still had a great time), and traveled for work a lot.
  • Sheyanne graduated from high school and we enjoyed a fun weekend trip to Burns.  
  • Sabrina took some outstanding pictures of where Skye grew up and where his parents still live.  
  • Grandma had back surgery near the middle of the month and has been recovering since.  
  • Bryce and Brandon completed swimming lessons and are quite the little fish.
  • The kids and I went camping with several of our friends and really enjoyed it!  
  • And lots of fun with friends in our backyard with our new blow-up pool

Thursday, July 18, 2013

May 2013

  • I was able to attend women's conference in Utah and the boys took care of all the kiddos.
  • Mother's Day was great
  • Baby bump #4 started showing.
  • Bryce graduated from preschool and had a music recital, all in the same week.
  • Marion started walking and is now a busy bee.
  • Our close friend Mark mowed the lawn one night with three spare hands.
  • Bryce and Brandon graduated from Joy School with three other friends
  • Tessa and Marion are becoming the best of friends, even though Tessa has a year on her...
  • The kids have continued to "make" their own sandbox area in the backyard.
  • Skye was absentee while working, studying for CFA Level 3, and being Bishop.